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4 injured in Georgia DUI accident

A 75-year-old Georgia man is being charged in an accident that happened on Sept. 11 around 8 p.m. According to police, the man was driving a Buick LeSabre along Long Branch Road in northeast Georgia when he crossed the center line and crashed into a Volkswagen Jetta.

The Jetta was hit head-on, and its 19-year-old driver was later flown to Atlanta Medical Center for his injuries. The two passengers were taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center while the Buick driver was taken to Gainesville for treatment. All of the individuals were described as having injuries that were not life-threatening. Of the four, only one, a 20-year-old passenger in the Jetta, was wearing a seat belt. Authorities say they plan to charge the Buick driver with seat belt violation, DUI, two counts of felony serious injury by vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the roadway and failure to maintain a lane.

Teen facing charges for allegedly consuming alcohol at game

A Georgia teen is facing charges after an assistant principle notified law enforcement that the student was reportedly consuming alcohol at a football game. The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Sept. 12. A police officer, who was working security for the game, was notified of a teenager who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol by a school administrator.

The student was found near the restrooms, behind the stands, by the police officer, who detected the smell of alcohol on the teenager. The young man submitted to a breath test, which indicated a blood-alcohol level of .175. The youth is facing underage alcohol charges and was taken into custody by police.

Georgia driver accused of DUI after passing school bus

A a driver who allegedly jumped a curb in order to pass a school bus near a middle school is facing DUI charges. According to authorities, the incident was captured on the dashcam of a patrol vehicle of an officer with the Peachtree City Police Department who ultimately caught up with the driver and executed a traffic stop. Reportedly, the event took place while the bus was stopped at a light.

At the time of the incident, the school bus was full of children, authorities reported. In addition to DUI, the driver is facing other undisclosed charges. It was not clear immediately following the event how police determined that the driver was intoxicated. Nor was it immediately clear if police measured the blood alcohol content of the driver.

Man accused of DUI

A 33-year-old Georgia man has been accused of driving under the influence while he was reportedly on his way to a gun range. Sources say that the defendant was taken into custody after allegedly failing the field sobriety tests he was asked to undergo. He has been charged with DUI.

The incident reportedly occurred on Aug. 15. Witnesses are said to have called police to report a man with a gun near an Extended Stay Motel. Authorities contacted the man and found several weapons inside the trunk of his vehicle. Sources say that the man said he planned to pick a friend up and then go together to a gun range.

Understanding drivers license suspensions in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, there are two ways in which a driver's license may be suspended due to alcohol-related offenses. The first scenario involves a driver refusing to submit to a chemical test during or after being taken into custody for DUI. A second scenario in which this could occur is if a driver is convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drivers under the age of 21 may have their licenses suspended for several reasons. If such a driver is found to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a license suspension may occur. Minors who use their license to attempt to purchase alcohol while underage could also lose driving privileges. Minors using a false identification or otherwise attempting to misrepresent their age could also be subject to such a penalty.

Drivers under 21 subject to zero tolerance laws

Georgia residents might be aware that it is illegal for people under the age of 21 to operate a motor vehicle with even a trace of alcohol in their system. According to what is known as a zero tolerance law, drivers under the age of 21 may be detained on DUI charges if their blood alcohol content is .02 percent or greater. This is a significantly lower threshold than the legal limit for drivers 21 and over, which is .08 percent. In some cases, consuming a single glass of wine may be enough to reach a blood alcohol content level of .02 percent.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all deaths among people between the ages of 15 and 20 come from automobile accidents. Moreover, approximately 35 percent of all traffic fatalities among people in that age range involve alcohol. In 1995, the federal government mandated that states implement zero tolerance laws. States that ignored the mandate would not receive federal highway money. Every state complied, including Georgia.

Georgia man charged with DUI after rollover accident

The Georgia State Patrol says that a 54-year-old man was driving under the influence when he lost control of his vehicle near Cave Spring on Aug. 25. State Troopers charged the man as he remained in the intensive care unit of the Atlanta Medical Center. He is facing counts of DUI, failing to maintain a single lane and not wearing a safety belt. The single-vehicle accident took place on Gadsden Road at approximately 9:30 p.m.

According to a GSP report, the man's pickup truck overturned in a drainage ditch in the vicinity of Rehoboth Road. He was partially ejected from his vehicle by the impact. Responding emergency service personnel said that the man was moving but unresponsive when they arrived at the scene.

How different offenses effect Georgia license points

Drivers in Georgia may face a license suspension after committing a serious violation or accruing 15 points on a license in a two-year period. Minor offenses do not apply to the system, and major offenses like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could result in a suspension after the first offense.

Non-moving violations might not result in any points but do come with a fine; these violations can include a broken tail light or parking tickets. Drivers can earn one to six points for violations like texting while driving, unlawfully passing a school bus and speeding 15-18 miles per hour over the speed limit. While one cannot have 15 or more points on a license in a two-year period, these violations can stay on a driver's record for up to 10 years depending on the offense.

Georgia man found drunk in car with liquor and unbuckled baby

Police reported that they found a 39-year-old man asleep at the wheel of his car at the exit ramp of Interstate 75 southbound at Jodeco Road in McDonough on August 9. Another driver had called the Henry County police to say that they had seen a driver slumped over in his vehicle around 5:30 a.m. The vehicle, a Nissan SUV, was sitting at a green light but still running.

An officer found that the SUV was still in drive and that the operator's foot was on the brake pedal. Police also said that they found a 2-year-old in the front passenger seat without a seat belt. They said that they discovered a bottle of whiskey sitting in a child's car seat in the back seat of the SUV. When the man was awakened, he turned the vehicle off but had to be told by police to put it into park.

Police cracking down on DUI during Labor Day season

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety in Georgia will be cracking down on drunk drivers. Officers throughout the state will be putting an increased emphasis on looking out for impaired drivers between Aug. 15 and Sept. 1. This is in response to a large number of accidents and deaths in the state during this time last year.

Between Aug. 3 and Sept. 2 of 2013, there were 3,497 accidents and 22 deaths. A person died every 34 minutes on average due to DUI crashes during the Labor Day weekend last year. Although many people think that DUI charges are only for those driving under the influence of alcohol, drivers impaired by any substance can be given a DUI.

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